Friday, November 11, 2016

Dear Kerby,

In the late '90s somewhere between 4th and 5th grade I got to go on another summer vacation. Summer vacations were a regular thing for me, even if it was only a week long. I remember spending time Salem, MA. It was only about a day or so but none the less it was still enjoyable when I was that young.

The town had some sort of antique/resale shop that peaked my interest. I got a few things from that shop. One of them was a hefty, metal peace sign belt buckle. The belt buckle was hand made in fashion with the hammered metal feel. When I got home I knew the exact belt I was going to use the buckle on. This belt came from one of the novelty venders at the county fair. It had a stamped design of eagles all around. I even had an arrow head eagle buckle on it. This buckle was no more. I took off the old buckle to use the new peace sign.

I had many problems with the belt buckle when I was using it at school. The buckle would come unattached. I remember in P.E. I had to keep adjusting it. I adjusted it so much that the teacher was wondering what I was doing. With this problem I stopped using the belt and the buckle. Years later after I started college I rediscovered the buckle. I got a belt that fit me. This made all the difference. The buckle never slipped off. The belt became something that I wore with every outfit I owned.

Recently, I got my Fitbit and I started watching what I eat. I was not "fat" but I was not in the most healthy state. This resulted in the belt and buckle not fitting quite right even though it was as tight as can be. I gave in and got a new belt. Along with the new belt came a new belt buckle. I ended up ordering this belt from Foster Weld and a customized copper wooden buckle from Shop Joyo.

Yes, I did mention that the belt buckle was customizable. I had some song lyrics from a Kimya Dawson song put into the wood. When read sideways the belt buckle reads "I am grounded   |   I am humbled    |   I am one with everything" These lyrics from the song are with me wherever I go. I am reminded to be better and do better. Overall, it is a fun song to sing as are all Kimya Dawson songs. I am sure that I will not buy a new belt or belt buckle for years.

Talk to you later, Bluelaugh