Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dear Kerby,

I has been some time since Fuji made the first Instax camera. This Instax camera takes instant film. Majority of the cameras on the market take a mini instant film about the size of a standard business card while the wide film is the size of about of two business cards or twice the mini. Only a few instant wide cameras have be produced thus far.

Over the past two years I have been following the Lomography website with its expansion of instant cameras that use the Instax film. Lomography produced a new line of cameras a well as a back for preexisting cameras to be able to use the Instax film. I do not have a camera like a Diana F+ or a Belair that I can just buy the back I would need to buy the camera and the back or a new instant camera.

In my mind the Lomo' Instant Wide is the top instant camera I have been constant reading about. I can do double exposures, colored flash and long exposures. With the extra lens attachments it can produce an ultra wide photo as well as a close up. Thinking of either the white or black camera (mostly white). The wide film is not as easy to come by as the mini.

While it is a little more expensive than the Lomo' Instant Wide my second choice is the InstantFlex TL70. The InstantFlex takes mini film unlike my first choice. This camera is modeled after a true twin lens reflex camera. The film ejects from inside the viewfinder area and the nameplate on the front flips around to reveal a flash.

I have been told that if you buy the Instax film in bulk that you will be able to save money compared to going locally and buying a pack at a time. It varies from place to place with the mini film but they do make fun bordered film rather than always have the classic white version. I have seen Star Wars film in the mini. With the wide one can only buy it with the white border. Bothe the mini and the wide to come in a black and white option.

I do love taking pictures with a shallow depth of field none of the cameras can do so. The Instaflex works with a f/5.6, f/8, f/16, f/22, f/bokeh aperture compared to the f/8 and f/22 the Lomo' Instant Wide produces. The f/5.6 is not bad as a standard aperture but since I do not use an f/22 on a normal slr camera I feel it would rarely be of use to me on this camera.

It might be a while before I make my decision on buying an instant camera. I would not be apposed to having some get it for me as a birthday or Christmas gift.

Talk to you later, Bluelaugh