Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dear Kerby,

Here are a few more things I bet you never knew about me and my style. Hope you find these interesting. If I think of it, I might share some more in another letter.

  • In graphic design I go more ivory white than pure white.
  • I am into surf culture even though I do not surf.
  • Old surf rock music interests me. I started listening to it ever since I heard a copy of The Alantics. I occasionally listen to surf rock style Christmas music.
  • My Crosley record player looks like a suitcase. It is able to play three speeds of records. The suitcase style makes it extremely portable.
  • One of my go to colors can be C 23, M 2, Y 0, K 11 or C 32, M 0, Y 6, K 21. Think of robins egg blue or seafoam green colors.
  • I like the physical and tactile over the digital.
  • I am not into wrestling but over the years I have had a luchador book bag, luchador cookie cutters, and a shirt of a pug wearing a luchador mask.
  • I have been a pescatarian since about 2008. This is a person who does not eat meat but does eat fish (seafood). I drink non-dairy milk but eat cheese.
  • In 2010 when I got my record player I can not count how many times I played the Juno soundtrack or the album Remember that I Love You by Kimya Dawson. It must be because I enjoy Kimya's soothing sound. Most likely two of my most played records that I purchased new.
  • I own a pinhole lens for my camera. I do not think I successfully used it for anything other than test shots.
  • The only true podcast I have listen to over the years is Hyper Nonsense. I have never found another podcast that interests me. Most podcast sound like boring talk radio. I sometimes list to Psychobabble.

Talk to you later,


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dear Kerby,

Months ago when I was experimenting with some trial logos for a friend I had the 1980s in mind. I am not sure why. I must have seen a logo, design, or inspiration that sparked my creativity. I am talking about designs that would look electric, neon, metallic, and full of 1980s nostalgia.

My friend ended up not liking the tests on the chance that this was not an appropriate style.

In the past year the Pinterest app on my iPad has been used more times than I can remember. Hardly used it before last year. I have now been using the app to find design inspirations all over the place. I even now have a board for inspirations of the 1980s style designs I am talking about.

Some of the designs remind of using 90s Microsoft Word's "word art" feature. Others remind me graphic design/layer styles in early instances of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. These programs featured premade gradients that were complex (to me) to produce. I, myself, never used them. Designs I produce relate to themes, feelings, color schemes, and specific design styles. I remember designing a Native American style for a school project. I even done designs related to decades. I am not sure why but I can not say I have my own distinctive design style.

One of my goals with Illustrator is to master the effects panel so that I can always have live type. Live type will hep me if I want to try the same effect on a variety of fonts. Repatriating the same steps over and over can be time consuming. Some of the 1980s styles are heavy in layers and effects when deconstructed.

I feel my go to style is rooted in classic design from the 50s and 60s and sometimes even earlier than this. I fine myself starting to add some rustic elements into the mix. What is one style that you always come back to? Does one style define you or are you a collection of different styles?

Talk to you later,