Sunday, May 15, 2016


Dear Kerby,

Here are a few more things I bet you never knew about me and my style. Hope you find these interesting. If I think of it, I might share some more in another letter.

  • In graphic design I go more ivory white than pure white.
  • I am into surf culture even though I do not surf.
  • Old surf rock music interests me. I started listening to it ever since I heard a copy of The Alantics. I occasionally listen to surf rock style Christmas music.
  • My Crosley record player looks like a suitcase. It is able to play three speeds of records. The suitcase style makes it extremely portable.
  • One of my go to colors can be C 23, M 2, Y 0, K 11 or C 32, M 0, Y 6, K 21. Think of robins egg blue or seafoam green colors.
  • I like the physical and tactile over the digital.
  • I am not into wrestling but over the years I have had a luchador book bag, luchador cookie cutters, and a shirt of a pug wearing a luchador mask.
  • I have been a pescatarian since about 2008. This is a person who does not eat meat but does eat fish (seafood). I drink non-dairy milk but eat cheese.
  • In 2010 when I got my record player I can not count how many times I played the Juno soundtrack or the album Remember that I Love You by Kimya Dawson. It must be because I enjoy Kimya's soothing sound. Most likely two of my most played records that I purchased new.
  • I own a pinhole lens for my camera. I do not think I successfully used it for anything other than test shots.
  • The only true podcast I have listen to over the years is Hyper Nonsense. I have never found another podcast that interests me. Most podcast sound like boring talk radio. I sometimes list to Psychobabble.

Talk to you later,