Monday, June 13, 2016

What to Buy?

Dear Kerby,

I have been looking at my next purchase with my photography equipment. This is something I would need to plan into my budget and not forget the other items that my money will be going to.

My first small purchase would be a few camera cards. I am looking at another SD card card for my Nikon1 V1. The card would have to be of a higher complicity so I do not rely on the computer. On the flip side I have an old Nikon D70 which takes a Compact Flash card. I feel this format has died out due to the ease of destroying the little needle like pins that the card mush make contact to read/write to the card. In my mind I would like to pick up that camera and start to use it again. A few of my manual lenses would work with ease on the D70 without the need for an adapter.

A medium size purchase would be to get some sort of a ringflash. A ringflash is a "doughnut" or ring of light that sits on the end of a lens. The flash like light effects the image coming into the camera. With the light sitting closer it does not create dark shadows like a traditional flash sitting farther away on top of the camera. The Nikon1 system of cameras has an accessories port rather than a standard hot shoe making it difficult to trigger the ringflash. Lomography website sells a ringflash that comes with a set of colored filters to create fun colored photos. On the other side, Photojojo sells a more sophisticated and professional ringflash. This flash attaches to the front of the lens with a series of screw on adapters. Sorry, no filters.

The larger of the purchases would be to get a new lens. Yes, I said new. The lenses I have a mostly manual and have been either given to me on have been purchased used/as is. The only electronic lenses I have are the ones that came with either camera body. The new lens I am looking into is the Petzval 85. I have not found another lens that I am into at the moment. The lens not only functions as a lens to take crisp clean photos but has an artistic side.

Talk to you later,