Friday, April 08, 2016

Wrong Food

Dear Kerby,

Today's letter is about food. If you are hungry then you might need to read this letter later.

Since I have been out of high school I have been a vegetarian. It has been a struggle to find places to go out to eat and things to eat on the menu. Most places put at least one vegetarian item on the menu because they have to.

In this time I have made my share of vegetarian meals at home. Some of these meals could have been family meals but failed. No one else in the house cares to eat vegetarian food but me. My mom freaks out if she does not have meat in her meal but yet she has made me meatless meals before. My dad calls my cooking weird from time to time.

Now and again we have pizza night at the house. My mom puts a sausage pizza in the over for her and my dad and a cheese pizza for me. We get the simple pizzas from Aldi and sometimes I like it that way. Lately my mom has been adding more cheese to the pizzas. Last time we had pizza night I knew something tasted weird about the pizza. I told my mom not to add more cheese. I am the only eater of the cheese pizza. Would be different if someone talked to me about adding more cheese.

Pizza night happened again and so did my mom. The pizza was once again ruined with more cheese. I mad funny faces as I ate the pizza due to the more cheese. I am not here for her to judge her about eating her meat so do not screw up what I eat. I wanted to say something this time but I kept quiet as not to start a fight.

Mom dominates the kitchen and when food is not cooked by her she freaks out. I have cooked in replace of my mom on occasion. She feels the need to pester me every step of the way to make sure I am up to her standards. I would like to cook now and again for other people to let them know that I can do something.

The guy I am dating does not have a problem with my vegetarian cooking he eats it all the time. I have tried new recipes on date night and has enjoyed them. He has eaten vegetarian meatloaf (store bought) , faux chicken, faux beef, and many varieties of veggie burgers. When I get a pace of my own I will make more meals like this even when guests come over.

What would you do if someone messed up your meal? Have you ever tried a vegetarian meal before?

Talk to you later,