Friday, October 28, 2016

Load Up

Dear Kerby,

The one thing I like about film is that no two are the same. You can get the same roll of 120mm Portra film from Kodak, but it might turn out a little bit different due to the camera. The camera might cause light leaks and other things that make it unique. My medium format (120mm film) Holga is unpredictable because it is cheaply made. This might result in light leaks and other such unpredictable things with the film/camera.

If you work with film quite often you get to know a Fuji from a Kodak or any other brand. Some can look at a photo and tell what specific Fuji film is used. It takes the right kind of eye to know this. With current versions of photography, the goal is to capture the best crisp, correct exposure on a picture. For myself, it is hard to tell what type of digital camera took the photo by just looking at it.

In my mind, I want to take a series of photos, like you would with a roll of film. I would then edit them with the same filter/effect for every photo. My editing program of choice would be Lightroom. I have some presets I saved that look vintage and or film like. Right now my go to is a matte film look of some sort.

It can be hard to find the right black and white settings/film to suit my style. If I ever find the right settings I would love to shoot in black and white again.

Overall, I would like to take more “snapshots” in my daily life.

Talk to you later,