Thursday, December 08, 2016

Move On

Dear Kerby,

I am not here to brag. I have had my setbacks most are my fault. Sad, but true. I am picking myself up and moving on.

I got back to tracking my weight, food, and exercise again by the beginning of November since I had been out of work for a few weeks. As soon as I started I hit a heavy downward spiral. I did try to keep myself sane food wise. By the end of the day I was always wanting more food – left hungry. Part if the problem was having the wrong calorie settings in the apps tracking my intake. I thought by eating less calories and exercising 75 minutes a day and getting in 11,000 steps I would be fine. Not true for me.

My main goal is to go hard with everything in the month of January once the holidays are over - jobs, exercise, and relationships. I find it difficult to do anything major till the end of the year. I am still going to watch my weight and make sure the holiday parties to not destroy me.

I was talking to a good friend and I told him about my camera situation and how things are taking a long time. I asked him, "What happens if the batteries for my camera are sent to me and I am still not satisfied with my camera? Is it fine to sell the camera and get something new?" We both agreed that I must be happy with whatever I have since I will be using it quite often. The reason I got the cameras was because I thought it was going to be something I would love since I liked all it had to offer. Part of the reason to find a job in January is to: continue investing in my future, saving for my short term goals, and just living everyday life. Don't worry, I budget things. Finding a new camera will be a short term goal but it will not be that short. I am not going to let this camera situation be a setback for me.

Relationships took a downfall. Not much to say in that department. I am glad I have some good friends to talk to even though we do not hang out as much as I would like.

What is something you tried recovering from this year?

Talk to you later,