Thursday, May 04, 2017

Keeping On

Dear Kerby,

All I can say is that it has been a while since I last wrote. I have had things going through my head that I have wanted to write you about things going on lately. It is more of me being afraid of telling you rather than being lazy and not writing. 

Here I go:

  • relationships
  • computers problems
  • design work
  • photography
  • exercise

With this being 2017 and I not being in a relationship I wanted to start over. I have been taking to some guys but never sure where it goes. They talk to me as if it is going to lead to a first date but they fade away. In the past week I found someone new to talk to. This one had lead to me going on a date/ hanging out with him in a few days. On the outside I am excited but on the inside I know not to get my hopes up.

Last year I had a computer problem with the new update. The Apple Store wiped my computer clean and did a clean install of the operating system. Since that incident I have been using Time Machine on my iMac. have not had to restore anything from it so far. 

In the past week I found out that I had an external drive start failing on me. The bad way to notice it is when files start to disappear. The Genius Bar at the Apple Store told me to put the files on the Mac hard drive itself. Time Machine will take care of backing up the files. In the future, I would like to get a new portable external drive. Not a priority because life changed and I hardly have a place to transport the files; not going to school any more. I would still like something portable for those large files.

I have been doing a little design work from time to time as always. I find little projects I do for people but noting that major at this point. I keep up with what I like to do.

Photography is also keeping me busy. I have had two shows so far to display work in and I am working on a third. All I can say is that creativity takes time. Executing the photograph is the main chunk of the project when you do things as I do. I hope one photo will sell. 

When feeling healthy I get back into exercising. I am sticking to the 5 days a week goal that I set for myself 95% of the time. It works for me as long as I watch what I eat and log it. My goal is to be more fit for a special event I have planned in June. Maybe, this goal makes me more fit.

Lately, I feel better about myself. Things can only get better.

Talk to you later,