Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Year, Same Me

Dear Kerby,

Last year I started working on losing some weight. As a result I took time to look at all the fitness trackers on the growing market. I was impressed by the Fitbit HR due to it serving dual purpose as a watch and a fitness tracker. I was let down at the time I got mine because I wanted it in the tangerine color that had been showing up all over the wed. Instead, I got the plum. Why not? Certain variations of happen purple/violet are my favorite. (Pantone 2593 is a love of mine) I am still trying to fit multiple types of exercise into my ever changing life. When I got the tracker I was more active due to having a job. Now, I am home looking for a new job.

Along with my time off I have been working on some graphic design work for myself. I tend to start one project and move on to another. Very little have I finished. Somehow I find fault which puts a hold on the process of creation. This time it is trying to come up with the money to pay for the design programs in Adobe Creative Cloud. In some ways I like the Creative Cloud other ways I dislike it. It is not the best thing for me right now (price wise). I was never one of those students that had to have the latest version of the Adobe Suite every time it was updated. I had Adobe Creative Suite 5 for years when Everyone had version 6 or even CC.

For the new year I came up with a loose spreadsheet budget plan on how to keep track of where my money goes which will help me reach some financial goals. One goal is to pay off my new iMac from October of 2015. Besides the budget I plan on being more organized since I have been working a log from home the past two months. I have a file box that has colored file folders, new desk accessories from the dollar store, and a feeling of well-being when organized. I wish everything was easy to organize as my computer/desk.

What is one major goal/project/task you have been trying to achieve since last year?

Talk to you later,