Friday, January 15, 2016

Tea Time

Dear Kerby,

A few years ago my mom got a nice wooden box of multiple flavours of tea. She never really drank any of it. As a result I started to drink the tea. After starting to drink the tea my aunt gave me a box of candy cane tea and a box of coconut style tea. I think I became know as the tea drinker of the house. To me, tea is not that bad.

For Christmas this year my mom got me a box of cranberry vanilla tea. I think she got that flavour only because she likes the holiday Cranberry Sierra Mist. after drinking the tea I came to the conclusion that it is not the worst thing ever. I could be drinking a giant bottle of soda pop every day. One of my goals for this year is to drink more of tea that I have at home and buy less. When I am low then I can buy more.

I broke that goal because I was in search of box of watermelon lime tea from Celestial Seasonings yesterday. That multiple places had this particular box of tea. I never did find the tea after visiting three of the places that the website said it would be online. Somehow, my mom got the idea that she wanted to buy it online. In my mind I was yelling and trying to stop her from ordering it. Like I said previously, I have to drink what I have. Her spending habit does not help any.

What do you think of tea? Do you like yours hot or cold? Any good flavours? Do you put in milk or honey?

Talk to you later,