Monday, January 18, 2016

The Room

Dear Kerby,

I have been in search of the perfect items for the "perfect apartment", which I do not have as of yet. It is going to be two "bedrooms". One will be the standard master bedroom and the other will be part office and part guest room. I understand that I will not have guests staying over all the time, but I would still like a place for them to stay. I have been looking into the theme of something surf/tropical/tribal/Polynesian. Many Ideas have come to me such as Tropical Hollywood Regency. Really?

I have been set, for a while, on the main color of the room being an avocado or apple green (PMS 2294, 371, or 7737), even though I am not into green. Green with a splash of orange and medium/dark brown wood tones. The green could be the sleeper sofa color or in the accessories.

I am looking into a simple profile desk that will be wider than deeper and minimal drawers. I have seen some in a clean white that I happen to enjoy as well as a wood version. Along with the desk will be a nice desk chair. I have not settled on any particular design. Here are two that caught my eye: orange Pollock Executive Chair by Knoll with arms or maybe the White Chippendale Arm Chair by Jonathan Adler. When searching around one will find knockoffs of the Knoll and Adler chairs at an affordable price.

Some accessories for the room could be 60s tiki glassware, brass pineapples, or something Polynesian to match the bigger items. To date, no single accessory for the room has had the I have got to have that feeling.

I have not put this much thought into other designs for an apartment. The rest of the apartment will be a combination of what my man want along with what I can handle. He would likes to see the space before he goes all crazy in making budgets and designing the space. I am totally opposite in which I want plan out a budget and go for what I want. I do not think that we will always be on opposing sides.

I hope you have a thought in all of this and can give me some advice.

Talk to you later,