Monday, January 25, 2016


Dear Kerby,

Somehow I have been thinking of a lot about items I could spend money on. Most of these items I could currently do without. It is sort of like a wish list that will never be real, maybe only for my mind. Oh yeah, I have a real set of wish lists through Amazon.

One item on my mind is a new phone. I do not need one but it would be nice. Mine has a few problems.

  • The phone is an old model because they have on model newer.
  • I go a phone case when the phone arrived. The case is not the best. I do not want to invest into this phone only to get a new one.
  • I believe that I got my last update that available for this phone this past fall. It can no longer have software updates.
  • Places can recycle my old phone.
Here is the downside to getting a new phone:
  • Do I really need one? This phone does what I want it to do.
  • Can I recycle my old phone case?
  • Will a new phone without a contract cost more that I expect?

Another item on my imaginary wish list happens item is a new Fitbit. Fitbit has recently come out with the Blaze (currently for preorder only on the Fitbit website). In the future I will most likely see it in stores with the other products in the line.

  • The Blaze has a screen than gives off more information about being active.
  • The screen is in color.
  • I can give my current Fitbit to someone that will use it.
  • It comes with a Plum wristband just like the one I currently use.
On the other side:
  • What I have works fine for what I need.
  • I could spend my money somewhere else.
  • Will it help me be more active/motivated than I currently am?
  • Not sure I want to have multiple watch band for the tracker. I do not go many place where I need to change styles.

What are some items on your wish list? Are these items you need or want? Would you ever pay for them yourself if you had the money for them?

Talk to you later,