Thursday, January 28, 2016


Dear Kerby,

When I got a new iMac in October 2015 I had the trial version of the Adobe Creative Cloud or CC programs. Not only did I want to try them out before buying them, but I wanted a few weeks free. At this point I knew what the basics were since I was working with the Adobe graphic programs for several years now. Having the free trial of CC helped me save my money and brought me up to speed with the new features. The trial ended and the programs became locked while still installed on my computer. The only way to use the CC was to pay for one month. 

Since having the CC I worked on projects that were previously unfinished along with new and upcoming ideas. For some reason I felt like I wanted to be back at my last school where we produced  projects every few weeks. Producing graphic design projects help keep my mind on something enjoyable.

The job I had ended, in October, and so did my income. With no job eventually came an end to the design programs. I still have all my files saved on my verious drives but it was a must to have the CC version. Without specially saving the programs for previous versions I could not use them elsewhere. saving for older versions may encounter data loss.

Since no CC I have been looking at different pendant lights and sofas because of my other enjoyment; interior design. Today I felt like sewing some pillows. The site Ikea Hackers has also peaked my interest. The hackers site reminds me of how sellers update antiques on ETSY.

In the end I feel like getting up and doing things while also being creative.

Talk to you later,