Monday, February 01, 2016

Badges of Accomplishment

Dear Kerby,

I have been on Lose It! ever since I purchased my iPad2 many years ago and still am throughout my technology upgrades. The health tracking company has created a nice website and app where I can log the food (calories) I consume in the form of meals and snacks. When I am not consuming food I can track my activity. Activity can be anything from walking to vacuuming; anything that gets you moving.

To keep you motivated and excited about fitness the program awards badges for eating so many veggies (such as a trunk load), weighing in multiple many times a week, or keeping on track (train tracks) with your health goals. These are a few I have received since signing up.

Lose It! let me connect a fitness tracker to my standard account. This is partly why I got the Fitbit Charge HR. The fitness tracker began to work seamlessly with what I currently had. I could record my steps, sleep, and workouts with one and my food with the other. Shortly after logging on one app or website the data would be in sync with the other website/app.

Fitbit is a lot like Lose It! where it gives badges to motivate the user. Since Fitbit is for fitness badges might include: number of floors climbed, lifetime distances, or best ______ in a day. Each badge is equal to a real life event such as crossing the London Underground, becoming a skydiver, or even climbing the Redwood Forest.

For myself, I like the badge system. The badges let me know that I am not out floating in space with my fitness. I was always excited to get badges from Lose It! app when I first started. I am always looking on either app for goals I need to accomplish in order to achieve a badge. Sometimes a badge will come by happy accident. If you have fitness apps or websites you use frequently do they offer badges/rewards? How do you feel about a reward system like this? Which badges or goals are you currently working towards?

Talk to you later,