Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Turn Around

Dear Kerby,

Monday — Friday is equal to one workweek according to Fitbit. Fitbit has a competition called the Workweek Hustle. During the week of February 25 — February 29 I hit a goal of 55,384 steps total with a daily goal of 11,000 steps. Some days I did less and other days I did more to make up for previous days. I am proud of myself for doing this many steps. Some of the steps happened to be during exercise.

This week is a new month. I am trying something new. I read in various places that morning workouts are better than other times of the day. For one week I am going to try morning workout and see what difference it makes. Take a look at what the American Heart Association has to say. When I first got my Fitbit I tried some morning workouts just for fun. When I did a morning workout I burned enough calories to not have any of my calories show up in Lose It! for that day; everything zeroed out. I did not know what was happening but for myself it was hard to reproduce.

This week I plan:

  • Not to over eat and stay in my calorie budget
  • Meet my daily goals.
  • Meet my weekly goals.
  • Try and earn a few badges along the way.
I am not exactly sure how this is any different than any other week. I feel a little bit with it since I upped my daily steps from 10,000 to 11,000 to help with reaching my weight goal.

Since December, I have a had a turn around; I started to gain weight. I do not think it had anything to do with the holidays because November/Thanksgiving did not cause a problem. I have been under my calories and have met my calorie burn/step goals or close to meeting them every day in January. The Fitbit has a polygon for how many days I exercise. Every day I do what constitutes an exercise I get a side to a polygon. I normally do 5 days which equals the pentagon. My goal is set for 5 days. If I do only 4 days it never turns into a square but rather an open polygon.

I will let you know if this makes any difference and I am on the up for the weight loss. Are you where you should be in life with your goals? Are you doing what makes you happy?

Talk to you later,