Monday, February 08, 2016


Dear Kerby,

The other day I calculated the total of my weekly income from when I started my job at the restaurant in May till when it closed in October. In total it was enough money to pay for a new 2015 iMac and then some. I remember that the first thing I purchased was the Fitbit Charge HR. At that time I wanted to start tracking my activity/weight more better since I had a job where I was walking around all the time. I am not quite sure where the rest of the money exactly went but I can imagine it went to gas, date nights, and other odd things.

I started an account with the bank where $25 a week would automatically go into it. The account was to help me save money and make it harder to touch. I switched to to $25 a month now that I do not have steady income.

This year I stated looking closely into my finances. Tracking finances is not as easy as it sounds because I have skipped tracking a few small items. Every time money comes in or goes out I have to remember to go to my computer or iPad and pull up my finance document so that I can adjust my income and outgoings. A category that I would like to see money grow is paying off the computer and saving up for moving out. When I get a new job I plan on changing my automatic transfers into my other savings account so that savings for these items are made easier.

No one is borrowing money from me (except my boyfriend) and or I am not offering to pay for things that do not directly affect me and my personal growth. It sounds a little selfish. Personal growth would include paying for the Adobe design programs I once had.

How do you manage and track your finances? Are you on track with your ins and outs?

Talk to you later,