Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Work More

Dear Kerby,

Last Wednesday or Thursday I became sick. Runny nose and slight cough. Today I still have the sickness but it is not the same. I have had long spans of not coughing, sneezing, or running nose today. That must say something about me getting better. On top of this I have no fever.

Since I have been sick I have not been on the computer like I wanted to be. I paid for one month of the Adobe CC and I see the programs are not used to the full potential. The last project I worked on were business cards for my mom. Some designed her business cards years ago. She is either out of them and can not get more or just needs a new design.

I have yet to finish some of the projects I started working on several months ago. I started them when I worked with the programs more often. Maybe I will make progress before this next months payment comes due. I have to make the decision soon to renew or cancel the programs.

wish I could find a job so I would not have to worry about this problem.

Not sure what to think at this point.

Talk to you later,