Thursday, March 24, 2016


Dear Kerby,

Sometimes I dislike my living conditions. I currently live with my parents. My mom can be a two faced double crosser. She says one thing and does the opposite. She is mad or some form of negative most of the time and I try and stay away from it.

  • If I do not say good morning to her she will try and wreck the day. What is wrong with a quiet, peaceful morning?
  • When she wants to get mad she tells me that the dogs are hers. From time to time she wants me to feed them and pickup after them.
  • My nephew comes over several times a week. He wants to have fun with his grandmother. My mom is not the fun type. She is on the couch watching television most likely. I am the bad person for trying to take care of my nephew. I just stop caring and go about with my own thing.
  • I have tried many times to vacuum when she is around and I get in trouble with her for using the wrong vacuum. She has two vacuums and they both operate the same way. Who needs to own two vacuums?
  • I was in the bathroom the other day with the fan on and door closed. This means that I can only hear myself think. My mom yells from the bottom thinking I can hear her. I never heard a word she said. She comes back later thinking I heard what she said. At this point she is mad with me because I am not talking to responding. If this were me, I would not yell across the house. She has to understand that I might be sleeping, listening to music, or have headphones on.
  • I dare not use the phone when I am upstairs because my conversations are not private. She thinks I am using cellphone minutes (when I had the old phone plan). This is also why I do not voice chat on my computer when she is around. I go to my car and use the phone.
  • At a certain time of the night it is quiet time. I respect quiet time when she is in bed sleeping but If I want to be up I should have the right to be.
  • I am not safe working on my computer. She says I do nothing all day and I am lazy. Not my fault that you are so anti-computer.
  • I can not write an email for my dad due to my parents sharing an email. My mom goes through all the emails as if they are hers.
  • Do not freak out over stupid stuff. My mom will over analyze everything.

I am not saying that I am the best person in the world. I just want to live a different lifestyle than my mom. Her life is hers not mine. I respect everyone in different ways.

How do you deal with someone you are not so fond of?

Talk to you later,