Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Television Weight

Dear Kerby,

Dancing with the Stars; it is back for another season this spring. The first episode was Monday night.

Since Ellen's Design Challenge is over I now have another competition show to watch. I have watched bits and pieces of American Idol over the years (sad to see it going) but never stuck with it. With the television I have access to Dancing with the Stars is a good choice for myself.

I am not sure what I will be watching this summer as it is way different than the fall or spring seasons. I might have to catch up on my Malissa and Joey, which was a summer only show. Maybe Netflix or the like will have full seasons of shows to enjoy from the pat year.

Are you into any competition shows: baking, cooking , design, dancing, or other? What is your reaction to summer shows? How do you handle it when a show you are watching ends a season?

On the flip side I have not been sitting around watching television all day. I have been keeping up with my workouts and daily goals.

In December I received a gift card for lovely Target. In return, I got two new pairs of pants. One is a skinny style jean and the other is a relaxed light wash.

Both pairs of pants fit when I purchased them in January. I noticed that the waist in the one pair is a little loose. Even my belt could not fit that. The ass just right not to let them sag. This must men that I am doing something right in my workouts.

Each day that I have I weigh in this past month I see the scale telling me I am loosing it. It is partly, due to the fact, that I changed the numbers of calories I consume in a day. The other part has to do with my heart rate when I exercise.

The Fitbit app tracks my heart rate via the heart rate monitor in my tracker. Since I got the tracker I have been burning quite a bit of fat which is equivalent to a low number heart rate. Lately, I have higher number which sends me up and into the cardio heart rate zone more often.

Hoping to look good and feel healthy.

Talk to you later,