Friday, March 18, 2016

Date Night

Dear Kerby,

Last Friday on date night I made plans to go to the hospital to see Dave's mom. I do not think I wanted to see his mom. I believe that I wanted to make sure that the flowers I sent made it to the right place after a few days of problems. Sending flowers cost money.

When it comes to Friday date nights I just want to spend them with uninterrupted Dave. This is the only time during the week that he makes an effort to get out of work early. He knows I am waiting in the car to be with him. Too many times his mom tries to make him do things for her which shortens the time we spend together. I did not want the hospital to take up the entire night.

In my mind I knew I wanted to leave the hospital because I felt I had spent my time and make an appearance. Dave found it comforting to talk to his relatives even if he had been visiting the hospital during the week. He always finds a way to visit his mom. I never knew he wanted to be around her this much after all the things he says about her.

In the end, date night was going out to eat with coupons and visiting the hospital. I am not going to the hospital this week even if his mom is not in the best of health. He spends the rest of the week with her. I do not see this as being selfish or manipulative in any way. I hope she gets better after having her downfalls in the hospital.

My mom is always talking to Dave, not that this is a bad thing, but I know he wants Friday night to be between the two of us.

Talk to you later,