Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Dear Kerby,

Today, I thought I would share some media with you. With the basic television I do have at home I found ways to watch it online. Not what I watch is all online. I have some shows I do watch via the television. By no means would I say that I am addicted to television. I have had time to kill since I have not been doing design work.

Some of the shows on my current list are from when I had a fancy television service. I have about 30 some channels give or take.

  • Regular Show - I started watching this cartoon when I was living in the dorms. It is one of the cartoons I can actually stand watching. From my experience, they do not make many good kids cartoons.
  • Clarence - This cartoon is about a kid in elementary school that is willing to do anything and everything. The main character has this fun mystery to him that makes it an enjoyable show.
  • Fixer Upper - I am into interior design and all types of design in general. This design show has a little bit of comedy, suspense, and drama. Got to live it when they have these unique visions to update something old.
  • The Fosters - This show is full on drama, in my opinion. If you are into mixed families and suspense then this lifelike show is for you.
  • The Middle - A quirky and entreating comedy about a family from Indiana. What is not to love?
  • The Real O'Neals - My mom thinks this show is like The Middle. Not sure what to say due to it just aired on television two weeks ago.
  • New Girl - I am watching it from season one till current. I think I am a little bit of Jess, personality wise. She has some sexy people in her life. If I was her I would date them.
  • Last Man Standing - Not sure why I like it other than it works for me.
  • Liv and Maddie - Disney Channel can make some comedy shows that are worth watching. This documentary style, as seen in The Office, does not bother me. I disliked The Office.
  • Scorpion - Drama and comedy; intense drama.
  • Ellen's Design Challenge (season just ended) - This compatission style design show lets me have an appreciation for furniture design. The completion aspect is partly what keeps me coming back. I would not watch it if it were formatted as a PBS Special.
  • The Good Wife - A show about lawyers and politics very different form like Law and Order. This show is not about facts and hard hitting evidence every episode.

Tell me a show that has drawn you to continue watching it? What is your preferred method of watching? Are you one to continue watching the show even though they stopped making new episodes? I believe that we have shows we will continue watching will the end of time.

Talk to you later,