Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lifestyle Choice

Dear Kerby,

In the past two months Dave's mom (my boyfriend's mom) has been in the hospital. It was fault of her own. She was having breathing problems. When I first met her a few years back she was short and wide almost like a little Hawaiian lady. It came to be that every time I saw her there after she was attached to the reclining chair and that is where she stayed. I never see her get up from watching television to go to her bedroom. She always slept reclining with the television on.

When the mail came so did the coupons for fast food and pizza. In the past year the coupons had to be thrown away so she would not be tempted to eat unhealthy fast food. She made people go make her meals, get her groceries, and anything else so she would not have to get up out of the chair. This is sad. Even when I saw her at the campgrounds she was ride around in the golf cart and not getting exercise.

After coming home from the hospital over a week ago Dave has tried to make bigger changes to impact his mom's health. I do not want it to be as if I was watching a TLC special about the obese and neither does he. It is more than cutting back on the doughnuts. This is her decision and she has to stick to eating healthy and getting up and moving around. No one else can help her but herself. It is sad but strangely true that she put herself into this unhealthy lifestyle.

This past week after being readmitted to the hospital I sent flowers. The little card that come with has a message from Dave and myself. The floral arrangement consists of orange asiatic lilies, fuchsia carnations, red Peruvian lilies, and lavender button poms with a vase. It was the closest thing to get when someone is vague in telling you what his mom would enjoy. I am not sure what room she is in as I have not visited her yet. Maybe when I do I will be able see the flowers.

Right now I can not do anything and neither can Dave. Dave's goal for this year is to be healthier; so maybe his lifestyle choices will spread around his house where his parents live.

Talk to you later,