Friday, August 12, 2016

Update It

Dear Kerby,

In June I got some new natural Schmidt's Deodorant to replace the bad kind I was using. The paste worked extremely well about 95% of the time. I had a few sweat issues that did not last long. After I went through two small jars of paste in two months time I switched to the stick. I find the stick to have the same strong scent as the paste. I took off my black shirt from work and found white pit stains. I put the deodorant on after putting the shirt on. What gives? I am going to see how long the stick last compared to the paste. Still loving the deodorant.

In June my mom got me some new white record dividers for my ever growing record collection. She sent them with my brother to have labels painted on them. I have not seen them since. Most likely August will come and go and I will not see them. I need to reorganize my records when the dividers come in just to make sure I have the right categories when I checked my genres a while back.

Due to me working on editing photos, working at the restaurant, and looking for a new job I have not had the time to use my new camera. I would love to get familiar with it before assigning myself to do multiple photo shoots. I could read the manual all day and change all the settings I like to make it "my camera" but that does not make me an expert. Every place I go challenges me with the camera settings I need to use.

This guy at work is still being a flirt/tease. He has this personality that makes you love him and joke around with him. From time to time he drops subtle hints that he is into women but he does not actually come out and say it. I get the hint from him some times when I go a little too far on the "gay" comments. I started seeing him at the restaurant where I work back in June and he started working with us in July. He works up stairs at the bar and I work in the kitchen. He is one of those fit muscle guys that cane not keep his hand off the food. As a result of that he is constantly in the kitchen. It is not that I can really have him because I have a man of my own.

I can not believe "summer" is over and the school buses are back on the roads. I recall the days I was in public school and all the memories come crashing into one giant looped highlight reel.

Talk to you later,