Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Update Your Camera

Dear Kerby,

In July I had a birthday. I was asked the first time what I wanted for my birthday. I told my mom I wanted a set of dividers for my records. That was fine. She got them. My brother has them so that he can paint the correct genre labels on them. Closer to my birthday my mom asked me again what I wanted for my birthday. I told her I was saving up for a camera. I was looking for a used model, body only. When my mom asked what the used prices were I knew something was going to happen.

My mom had me on eBay one weekend searching for the Nikon DF camera I wanted at a price she could afford. I lost one auction but then made an offer on another. When the offer expired I put a bid on another camera with a body, lens, and battery. It was a refurbished camera with the whole package. I was surprised that my mom wanted to spend that money on a new camera for me. I offered to pay for part of it due to it being a tad more than she thought it would be. Later on I got my money back when she decided to pay 100% of the cost.

Later on after my birthday I got an Amazon gift card. This went to buying a camera card a bag. The seller had bag dimensions that were close to the size of the camera bag insert size. To my knowledge the insert would fit in any bag that was the right size to turn it into a camera bag. This particular insert was described a shockproof as well as padded. Moving over to ETSY I found a camera strap. I would say that this strap is made from the webbing strips of the old folding lawn chairs. The strap has three stripes: navy blue, light blue, and copper brown. I am waiting for the packages to arrive so I can use the camera.

With the new camera came more pixels and a larger size. This means that I might have to resize the photos to fit on the internet. I hope that this does not become a problem. I am looking forward to higher quality prints and maybe going with larger frames every once in a while. I like my double 12x24 inch frame and I might not give that up any time soon.

I have no plans to give up my Nikon 1 V1 camera any time soon. I love the cameras compact size and ability to take video (not that I do much video). I plan to keep it in the same case/bag as a grab and go option for when I want to use the camera, this is partly why I am getting a new bag for the new camera.

Talk to you later,