Thursday, September 29, 2016

Out of Film

Dear Kerby,

For my birthday I got a new camera. The Nikon DF has been super fun and easy to use digital camera. I am loving it. I have been using a lot of different lenses including my Diana Super Wide and a Diana glass lens. Knowing the basics of the lenses on the camera give me more of a challenge to make my photos interesting. I enjoy the more snap shot artistic looking photos. To tell you how much I love this camera I recently purchased a battery grip and two batteries for the grip for longer shoot times. Currently waiting for the grip and batteries to arrive in the mail.

In the past year I tried to use the instant back for my Holga and got some bad results. I also found out that Fuji was stopping production of its peel apart film, the film that works with this accessory. This Medium format Holga has not been in use since someone (meaning a film lab) developed my negatives wrong. Matt Day did a review on the Lomo'Instant Wide camera and I kind of wanted to try one out after the review ended. Most likely the only way to try out the camera is to buy it. I do not know anyone that owns this particular camera. I do like that it uses the Fuji instant wide film instead of the mini.

I went searching online for a camera that takes the instant wide film other than the Fuji brand Instax cameras and found a few that I am exploring. One of the cameras happens to be the Belair camera with the instant back while the other is, you guessed it, the Lomo'Instant Wide. I have pros and cons for getting a modern instant camera.


  • I will have a modern instant film camera. It is hard to find film for my other instant film cameras.
  • Both cameras have interchangeable lenses.
  • The cameras use the instant wide film.
  • Lomo'Instant Wide comes with colored flash filters and a splitter for creative multiple exposures. Overall fun accessories and experimentation.
  • You have a lasting memory.
  • Similar to an SLR camera.
  • The cost of having to buy film.
  • What to do with all the photos after they are taken.
  • It is not digital. This means that you can not experiment and delete pictures. Once you click the shutter you better like your picture.
  • How often will the camera be used?

By no means, if I get this camera, do I see this camera replacing my Nikon. I tell people I have various cameras because each one produces a different outcome.

Talk to you later,