Monday, February 29, 2016


Dear Kerby,

This past week has be weird. Over night it snows, then the next day everyone tries to shovel out after the snow (blizzard). Schools and churches were closed among other things. Where do we put all the snow? I tried to move it into a grassy area. A few days later it rains and the snow melts. This makes a watery mess due to warmer temperatures. The ground can not handle that much melting snow. Weather forcasters say that this next week will bring more snow. A lot of people take the forcasts from them lightly because they are hardly spot on. The weather is wild over where I am.

With more and more people using GPS on phones/mobile devices do you trust an app for weather or would you rather trust the person on the tv/radio? I have an app that lets me confirm the weather or change it to make it correct. The app does not automatically change for my area because of one person updating the weather, it does take my change into consideration.

How often do you check the weather? Does the weather make or break your daily plans?

Talk to you later,

This is me standing on my front walkway videoing the snow falling down. The lens was set on a slightly wider depth of field than normal. When taking picture with most of my manual focus lenses I use a shallow depth of field. Hope you enjoy my neighborhood covered in snow.