Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Dear Kerby,

I am looking good with the move I am making. I took the time to run some paper goods through the paper shredder while cleaning out my room. I took them out along with other items because I have not touched or used them in the past year. Some of the itmes were beginning to fall apart from just sitting around.

During my high school years I was just beginning my knowledge and production of graphic design. This resulted in a heavy use of the at home printer.  In my room was a pile of mostly amature graphic design/art items that did not need to be saved. These items stayed in my room due to me not living at home and enjoying dorm life. You can tell that I was glad to get rid of them and free up space in my room.

The desk I have been using is in the room. I do question where it is because it is right in front of a window, mostly the monitor and because of how high it sits. This is a move I will need to adapt to. The two other itmes that will be moved into th room are three crates of records and a record player along with an old wooden radio. If I do this just right I can find a place for them where they will be functional.

The other big task is to take items off the walls. This includes some artwork from high school. I would like to just have blank walls with at most one or two pieces up. Not going to go crazy putting everything haphazardly on the walls like I did when I was younger. Some items are in the original spot from when my room was arranged differently.

I will try to attach some photos with an upcoming letter to show you how this all turns out.

Talk to you later,