Monday, February 22, 2016


Dear Kerby,

I thought I would share some things you might not know about me. These might not be the most shocking but they are interesting.

  • I have more than three jazz stations on Pandora.
  • I have a Grateful Dead vanity plate on the front of my car.
  • My first smartphone was purchased in 2014.
  • Owner of an iMac, iPad, and iPod Classic but not an iPhone.
  • On various sites and computer drives I have artwork saved just for the color scheme used.
  • My art has been hung in an art gallery before.
  • When I was a kid I had a Furby and Tamagotchi but not a game system. I minimally played on the computer. I remember the video games that came with the Windows computer.
  • The school system had enrichment summer school. I did a summer session of archery.
  • When in Cub Scouts I attended one summer of day camp. I never did the summer camp experience like you saw on tv or in movies.
  • The upstairs bathroom in my parents house is in Montana style with canoes and meeses. The set came from Kohls where we frequently shopped.
  • I pay for premium Lose It! but I do not pay for premium Fitbit.
  • I eat pears more than I do apples.

Talk to you later,