Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Dear Kerby,

Yesterday, I felt like I had nothing going on this week. In return, I stated tackling some organization. Here is what happened the first day:

  • Recycled a somewhat nice size pile of photographer magazines.
  • Started a bad of items that need to go in the trash. This may include clothes and other such items that can not be recycled.
  • Clothes than can be worn again by people other than myself.

Here are my goals in organizing my room:

  • Be able to fit my desk into the room.
  • Easy ways to find the items I want.
  • Every item has a nice clean home in a drawer, in the closet, or on a shelf.
  • Make sure it smells fresh and clean all the time.
  • Remove sticky from the walls. This person had the same exact problem. Some items are better for the walls and this was not one of them.

This seems like an endless task but it will be worth it in the end. I have not done a deep clean in almost two years. How do you tackle a project? How long does it take you do a task?

Talk to you later,