Monday, February 15, 2016


Dear Kerby,

My old 17 inch laptop was semiprivate because I was able to not have people look over my shoulder when I was sitting at my desk. Also, I could easily move it elsewhere in the house when I wanted. The laptop was on an old desk I had put in the living room area. With the new iMac everyone can see and hear what I am doing in the living room. Having a 21 inch screen is pretty big and lacks privacy. I can also hear the loud tv at the same time I am sitting at my desk using the computer. This becomes a problem when I would like to listen to music or watch videos on the computer. Currently, my nephew shares the space with me and the desk. A number of times I have told him to watch out for my computer when he goes wild with his toys.

One way to solve this problem is to move the desk into another room (most likely my bedroom) with more privacy. I am making space in the bedroom to put the desk and all of its current contents. One space that I would like to put it is in front of my main bedroom window in the alcove and the other in along the wall of my smaller window. I would rather have it looking out onto the front yard if possible. Both places are near outlet. Each outlet contains one plug that controlled by the rooms light switch and the other that is independent of the switch. I am already using a power strip due to the fact that I have a computer, lamp, pencil sharpener, and computer dive to plug in. I would hate to have my computer get shut off because I plugged it into the wrong outlet. The house not only has wireless internet but a wireless printer the are easy to use. When the desk gets moved I will no longer have a piece of art in front of me but a nice view of front yard and street the street from the second floor window. Making the computer more private I plan on using it more in the new location.

In the process of putting the desk and computer in the room I have to simplify the "clutter". I would not call it clutter as much as saving old school projects and items from middle school, high school, and college. Everything will find a place even if it happens to be the recycling or trash. I already broke a plastic storage container trying to organize items. From my experience, plastics to not last as long as you would hope they should. This will help me simplify and begin to get on a nice path for moving out soon.

As a result of moving the desk into another room I leave a nice size void in the living room. Not sure what will go in replace of the desk other than more room for my nephews toys. The living room is one room that I wish could be better utilized.

I am keeping on track with one of my goals of getting more organized this year. Hopefully I will have pictures to share. Are you on track with your goals?

Talk to you later,