Friday, March 04, 2016

Generation Gap

Dear Kerby,

My parents are back from vacation and they are at it again. UGH! The power flickered several times during the snow storm when they were on were gone but thankfully it never went out. This caused my dad's computer to completely shutdown. I not once turned on the computer while they were away. The day my dad comes back he turns on the the computer and all the drama comes back.

He turns on the computer and he did something that results in the computer freezing. I restart the computer and it works as expected. He has little faith in me getting the computer to work. Later on my dad is doing something for one of his volunteer organization via the private email. Every time I make my dad write down instructions on how to do this same same function. I do this so he can be more independent. He yells for me to come in the room. His reply "They changed the screen (referring to updates)." My reaction is to ask/look for his instructions so he will stop bothering me. By this my dad yells at me to get lost and that he never really needed my help. The problem is never solved. He needs to change his attitude. If He really wants to learn things he has to pay attention and not have me be his computer savior.

The other computer problem is that my dad is too lazy to learn the correct way to use the computer. He sent me a picture in the email but I had to open the Microsoft Word file to see it. On top of this, the picture was not proportionally resized; extremely distorted. He had 3-5 pictures from his camera and he wanted to email them to a friend. Instead of zipping the photos and or wanting to learn the proper way to send them he automatically inserts them into a Word file. Graphic designers 1,000% dislike this. When I was first into graphic design I remember a contest poster saying that we could not use Microsoft Word for graphic design and that it was not an acceptable file format/program to use.

His computer was updated from Windows 8 to Windows 10. I get blamed because the computer, in his mind, is a complete disaster. Do not yell at me like I am the Microsoft Corporation. No cares can I give.

When we got a family computer in the '90s my dad signed up for internet under his name. In the package included an email address. This became a family email address that all four members of the family shared. Now the email address is for just my parents even though it is in my dad's name. When my mom got her tablet she went though all emails even if they were not for her. My dad is the complete opposite. To this day she continues to do it. I hear her telling my dad about what is in his emails. I never know who is going to read the emails I send when they arrive at this email address.

Do you ever have computer problems? How do you solve them? Are you someone with a book full of website passwords? I was self taught. I tried and tried again until I learned the computer. It has always been something I felt I wanted to learn. I still use the search engine to look up instructions/videos. This is how I have learned most of my computer graphics knowledge along with other computer programs.

Talk to you later,